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Dawn of the Truth

At exactly 4:00 pm on the 20th of June 2017, I sat my last paper at Makerere University.As I sailed through it, a lot rolled through my mind. First was the thought of whether I would excel in it. At that point, failure wasn’t an option as it would guarantee me another year at the university but as fate would have it, I was in the best position to excel all owed to the discussion I had attended prior to the exam.
For a long time(since my high school days) , I always thought of what I would do after finishing my course. Would I look for a job,venture into business or further my studies.To avoid mishaps, I resolved to first concentrate on my course due to its hard nature and think about what next afterwards. The three years of my Bsc.Quantitative Economics are now complete. What next.? In my short stay at the ivory tower, I’ve managed to interact with a number of university students across the respective courses. My major finding has been their strong affinity towards the “Ugandan Dream”.
One would ask, what is the Ugandan Dream? “I want to finish school, get a good job, buy a car, build a house and start a family” is the Ugandan dream which isn’t bad but as a young generation, Life has more to offer in its fullness. Do things the way you want them to be done and stretch the lens beyond the Ugandan dream. Being young means time is still on your side. strive to be a learning machine,Focus more on self improvement, relationship building and creating change.
Back to the theme of this blog.As our limit tends to extend towards the edge of eternity or perhaps to say as one grows in life, There comes a point at which one has to re-adjust their thinking, just as realist sailor adjusts his sails when the sea gets mad. To those that have completed the course,The truth dawns unto us.The reality has set in, the streets have their jaws stretched to take in the new breed of streeteology students. The time to prove wrong the theory of a charmed life is now. At this point, knowledge and social capital are the most important assets to accumulate. Knowledge concerning the truth,knowledge about money “A fool and his money are soon parted”.Knowledge is knowing what doesn’t work, knowing who you shouldn’t befriend and knowing what kind of lady or man you should get into a marriage with.Knowledge is keeping track of the four major areas in life (Health,Wealth, Love,Happiness). As fresh university leavers,we need to focus more on our lives other than admiring others since admiration depreciates ones self value. What we can borrow is an inspiration. Soon,the realities of the normal distribution will start getting evident. Some will find jobs soon enough and the other group won’t find what to do in time.However ,this should not make you fall back into resentment.Life gets to the worst when one thinks that there is only one way out. We were all created to solve a particular problem and the problem one solves is their value.

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My Short stint at University Hall

In two weeks time, I’ll end my stay at Makerere University and this means I’ll also have to leave my hall of residence,University Hall as provided for in the University rules. Situated in the south western side of Makerere university, University Hall is known to many as UH and to a few,Its referred to as the goat Land. I have been  resident here for the past one year having spent my first two years commuting from my father’s house in Kireka,Wakiso district.

Monday September 22 2016 saw me leave my father’s house at 2100hrs without prior notice. Deep within me, I had the belief that the old man would understand having earlier explained to him the hardships I was facing as a commuting student. To cut the long story short, that was the day I spent my first night at hall.

Life at UH has come along with a wealth of experiences. My first remarkable and thrilling experience or to say welcome party was with bedbugs.I remember vividly that night while in my sleep on my 4 * 2 bed, there started unusual bites on my legs. At first I thought they were mosquitoes so to counter the mischief, I covered my whole body with the duvet only to realise I had moved from the frying pan into the fire.First thought that came to my mind was. “Oh God, is this how am going to live. Is this the reason as to why I left my 4 * 6 bed back at home? ” but since I had made the decision my self, I had to take the responsibility of dealing with the small creatures but as the saying goes “time is a great healer”,with time I manged to deal with the creatures and so  whoever intends to pay me a visit don’t hold back in fear, bedbugs are now extinct in my room. :mrgreen:
Prior to my moving in, I had been a regular person at UH given the fact that my college friend ‘Jack’ had a room there which was my chilling hub during the commuting period. It roughly took me say 24hrs to fit in. Oh! By the way Jack is a very good guy and the good news is…Guess what? He’s been my roommate. Besides the loud music he plays sometimes, I wouldn’t say I have any other issue with him so far the time we’ve lived together.
My short stint at Hall has mad me appreciate the culture found in Makerere university. Each hall has cultures the members are accustomed to but the common culture across all of them is the “Kimeza” where issues concerning the Hall are discussed. Each male hall of residence has an animal as totem and at UH it’s a goat. That explains why the people that reside there are called goats. Sounds funny…huh! I mean in all animals why a goat?


At the goat Land
Any negative experience in Hall ? Well I Wii not call it an experience but rather an externality by the mere fact that I faced it once during my stay. This was the night I almost spent on the coconut tree next door.Prevously, I had only had of trees but this time I was the one on it. Thanks to my friend Bukenya Robert who came to my rescue and provided shelter.

Till the next blog I remain yours truly.

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Life can be defined simply as a state that follows birth and precedes death.Philosophy surmises it as the essence of the manifestation and foundation of the being. Life subjects each being to a different inner manifestation and this attribute precisely explains why everyone in existence has their own view of life.
Life offers each one of us a different script which makes it the single best invention. Well! how can 7 billion people have different scripts? At dusk,a new script is published and yet another is finished, As one actor leaves the stage,another emerges.”life and death”.

Evolution “process of accumulating change“.Life and evolution are coherent aspects. Life seems meaningless without evolution .i remember when in nursery school,i met people that became part of me and by that they became family. At all levels of education, this happened and the more we lived and got separated, the more this bond narrowed down and in the end it eventually diminished.The same happens before and after two love birds fall out. The person that seems too important becomes forgotten  “Process of accumulating change“. To be champions at this mystery of life, we need to keep pace with the process of evolution as we journey along life’s way.


Till the next blog 👣👣
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Kireka my Town

In the heart of Uganda, their lies a small township, Kireka in wakiso district. Little is known about this town let alone the huge number of idlers and unemployed youth.Kireka lies west of the great Mandela National Stadium(Namboole),southeast of the Namugongo martyrs shrine and south west of Naalya.
The eminence of this small town is attributed to its residents .Kireka is occupied by people from all walks of life viz the affluent who reside at Kireka hill including the Kabaka of Buganda kingdom,Senior citizens from civil service and  religious leaders, The middle class residents can be traced in Kamuli village  which is north of Kireka centre and the low class are found in the slum areas of kasokoso and Acholi quarters.
Kireka ,I must say is a fast growing urban centre with recent developments like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and hotels such as the eastern route hotel. Construction of mega structures is on the run which has skyrocketed the price of land in the area. Kireka is also home to many night spots to include; Pool nest pub, New Victoria Club famous for hosting local music artists on sundays,Y2K pub known for harbouring iron bar hitmen to mention.
image New Victoria Bar

image New Structure

The Increasing urbanisation of Kireka has come along with its evils mostly prostitution. Ladies of the night show up at around 1900hrs  everyday for this lucrative trade. The regular police patrols due to pleas from the angry residents in the area haven’t been of effect to cub this illegal business.Its claimed the policemen are bribed with a rounds of pleasure from these “business women”. 😥 cry my beloved country Uganda.

For the 6 years I’ve made Kireka my home, I honestly can’t write about every thing I’ve discovered in this village of God. This was just a pinch of salt.

image Road 100m to home

Till the next blog. I remain yours truly
              Bakesi Jim Muhangi

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The Greatest of all 💑

Affairs of the heart
The feeling I cant deny,
Known to be blind
To the lay man
And lying within every man

Affairs of the heart
Pertaining of the love
For a fellow creature,
Of the opposite design,
But of the same kind

Affairs of the heart
A precious gift from the most high
That left one word,
“The greatest of all is love”
To sum all commands

Affairs of the heart
Affiliate to the most high
That sacrificed his only son,
For the Redemption of mankind,
And inception of everlasting life

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As all matters of the heart ♥

A perfection of creation
One in a generation
Beauty of a nation
A subject of contemplation
And immense adoration

I start on my intention
Of getting her attention
But uncertain of a clear motion
I hold back on my mission
Guided by the fear of rejection

For the magnitude of affection
I defy my initial decision
That undermines my conviction
Of displaying my affection
To this generation’s invention

In clear accentuation
I air out my aspirations
With a clear distinction
From other applications
In hope of a positive response

The immediate negative reception
Stirs up cardiovascular conditions
Culminating into hospital admission
Till the next mission
That awaits every man of ambition.

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